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Individual Supervision

I am a qualified supervisor who practices supervision from an integrative perspective. I provide individual supervision from my practice near Camberley and individual and group supervision for teams of health care professionals within the work place.

Hess defines supervision as:
“a quintessential interpersonal interaction with the general goal that one person, the supervisor, meets with another, the supervisee, in an effort to make the latter more effective in helping people.” I find this definition of supervision very helpful in reflecting the context for my work as a supervisor. I believe that the supervisory relationship is extremely important in providing the platform for an effective working alliance based on trust, collaboration and genuine respect for the theoretical stance and expertise of the supervisee.

I work with a wide range of supervisees including counsellors and therapists from different theoretical backgrounds.

Clinical supervision, reflective practice and debriefing for health care professionals

I am experienced in the supervision of health care professionals and my expertise includes the development of clinical supervision and reflective practice for teams within the work place. I aim to provide a reflective, safe, contained space for individual and group supervision and for team debriefing.

The core purpose of the supervision I offer is ultimately to provide the conditions that allow a safe space for both the individual and the group to reflect upon their work so that they can provide the best possible levels of care. In turn the space provides a place to retreat and to share the emotional and psychological impact of working with illness, distress and suffering. In the process individuals can recharge and refuel and feel sustained and supported in their work.

My supervisees have included health care professionals working in the community, in paediatrics, in palliative care, and teachers and support staff working in special schools.

psychotherapy, counselling and supervision in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire GeeseFormation "Teams that work regularly and intensively together need also to take regular time away from the pressures of front line work, to stand back and look at how they are functioning both individually and collectively." - Hawkins and Shohet

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