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Individual Supervision

I am a qualified supervisor who practices supervision from an integrative perspective. My training was with Cascade, a supervision training organisation, which was developed from the work of Fransesca Inskipp and Brigit Proctor. I provide individual supervision from my practice in Frimley and individual and
group supervision for teams of health care professionals within the work place.

Hess defines supervision as:
“a quintessential interpersonal interaction with the general goal that one person, the supervisor, meets with another, the supervisee, in an effort to make the latter more effective in helping people.” I find this definition of supervision very helpful in reflecting the context for my work as a supervisor. I believe that the supervisory relationship is extremely important in providing the platform for an effective working alliance based on trust, collaboration and genuine respect for the theoretical stance and expertise of the supervisee.

I work with a wide range of supervisees including counsellors and therapists from different theoretical backgrounds. I also work with health care professionals.

There are many factors to consider when finding the right person to work with as supervisor and if you require any further information please use the
Contact me page so that I can respond to your queries.