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Team Supervision

Clinical Supervision, Reflective Practice and Debriefing for Health Care professionals

I am an experienced supervisor of health care professionals and my expertise includes the development of clinical supervision and reflective practice for teams within the work place. I aim to provide a reflective, safe, contained space for individual and group supervision and for team debriefing.

The core purpose of the supervision I offer is ultimately to provide the conditions that allow a safe space for both the individual and the group to reflect upon their work so that they can provide the best possible levels of care. In turn the space provides a place to retreat and to share the emotional and psychological impact of working with illness, distress and suffering. In the process individuals can recharge and refuel and feel sustained and supported in their work.

According to Bond and Holland,
“Clinical supervision potentially provides the medium in which to structure space and time for reflection. Critical reflection enables a balance and an alliance between feelings, intuition, emotional skills, cognitive insights and theoretical links. It has the capacity to inform and assist both personal and professional development.”

My supervisees have included health care professionals working in the community, in paediatrics, in palliative care, and teachers and support staff working in special schools.

If you are a team manager looking for a replacement supervisor or if you are exploring the prospect of developing clinical supervision for your team then please use the
Contact me page so that I can respond to your queries.