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I offer you a professional therapeutic relationship and the aim of our joint work together will be to help you move beyond your current situation so that you can feel increasingly free to live and to be the way you wish. Psychotherapy will involve exploring the past to find out how early experiences may be limiting your life in the present and preventing you from accessing more of your potential. During the course of therapy we will be working towards a deeper level of change which means we will not only be working towards stabilising your current situation, but we will also be working towards finding a more permanent resolution in the future.  The relationship we develop is a very important factor in determining how successful your therapy will be. Building the type of relationship that is required to work at depth takes time which means psychotherapy is likely to be a long term commitment. The duration of your therapy will depend on your expectations and vision for the future and and we will discuss this and agree a clear goal from the beginning.

In keeping with my training I do not hold a view of how a person should be and I do not find it helpful to label or divide human suffering into issues and problems. I firmly believe that inherent in the symptoms and difficulties you are experiencing lies the potential for growth and change.

As well as talking we can work creatively through other media such as  dreams, writing, imagery and drawing.