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There are times in everyone’s life when problems and difficulties arise and it is true to say that generally we can manage to resolve them ourselves or with the help of family and friends. Sometimes familiar ways of coping are no longer helpful and we may feel stuck or needing to look for more permanent solutions outside of our usual support networks. At times like these it can be useful to talk with someone who is outside the situation and who is therefore in a more objective position to help. A counsellor is someone who is trained to listen and focus on your problems and difficulties and help you find achievable solutions and support you through that process.

The duration and number of counselling sessions can vary depending on your needs, expectations and the depth of change you want to make in your life. Ultimately it will always be your decision on how many sessions you have.

There are many different theories to counselling and choosing the right approach can be a daunting prospect. It is useful to bear in mind when making your choice that research has shown that the effectiveness of any counselling is not so much governed by the approach used, but by the relationship that develops between you and your counsellor.

Counselling can provide you with a safe and confidential space where you will be able to share the difficulties and issues affecting your life. Together we will be able to reflect upon and explore what you are sharing so that you can come to understand, gain relief from and develop skills that will help you to cope in the future.